Staff Profiles

Sadie Giampietri
Group Exercise Instructor
Instructors_BW_0000s_0003_Melissa G
Melissa Garrett
Group Exercise Instructor
Heidi Ogao
Group Exercise Instructor
Instructors_BW_0000s_0000_Brittiny Geraud
Brittiny Geraud
Fitness Center Manager
Instructors_BW_0000s_0001_Ashley Wendt
Ashley Wendt
Group Exercise Instructor
Andrea Jensen
Group Exercise Instructor
Tricia Elliott
Group Exercise Instructor
Instructors_BW_0000s_0001_Tahlia Aarstad
Tahlia Aarstad
Group Exercise Instructor
20211005_105335 (2) (1)
Randy Hadwick
Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers

Harbor Isles certified Personal Trainers

Passionate, safe and motivating!

How’s your fitness program going? Are you bored? Do you need motivation? Do you have a deadline in mind for losing some weight or increasing your endurance? Better yet, have you taken us up on your two free orientation appointments? Come meet our personal trainers today!

Hiring a personal trainer can be beneficial in many ways. Some may hire a personal trainer because they lack the knowledge to do the exercises on their own while others may hire a personal trainer to keep their workouts interesting and keep themselves accountable. Regardless of your reason, we have the right staff who will help you reach your fitness and nutritional goals.  Don’t hesitate to make the call today and set up an appointment with any of these highly trained professionals.

Call (541) 884-3300 for more information or to book an appointment.



Free Fitness Consultation


Sign up at the front desk for your free 15 minute consultation with one of our personal trainers and get started on your fitness goals today.


Our trainers can provide assistance to you in the following areas: Motivation, Individualized Programs, Breaking through Plateaus, Weight Loss, Improved Technical Skills, Workout Safety, Efficiency, Introduction to Exercise, and much more.


Personal Training Session Pricing


Individual Hourly Session: $40
4 Session Package: $160
10 Session Package: $380 (5% discount from 10 to 19 sessions)
20 session Package: $736 (8% discount from 20 to 39 sessions)
40 Session Package: $1440 (10% discount on 40 or more session)


Custom Session Packages Available